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Our Story

In 2020, was invited by West Palm Beach, Florida business leaders to tackle the blight and crime with their model that was so successful in West Dallas, Texas. With a one year delay due to COVID, in 2021, work was resumed in 2022 with the building of five affordable homes in the notorious crime ridden Tamarind Corridor.

In a partnership with the largest commercial developer in West Palm Beach, a new Community Development Corporation was formed called This new organization led the way for new affordable housing development, and a partnership with West Palm Beach Police Department. Currently, the organization is working with technology that develops heat maps of crime, poverty, hunger, and housing.

Transformation Results


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Homes Built


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Impact Location

Map of Target Area for West Palm Beach.

This transformation model is a block-by-block strategy to reclaim the decaying areas of our cities by working with local nonprofits, faith-based groups, neighborhood associations and government agencies. Teams are mobilized to reach target neighborhoods in the community to produce physical,cultural, social and economic development. It is a movement of concerned citizens birthed through faith, service, sacrifice and commitment.

– Dale Hedrick, Hedrick Brothers Construction

Transformation Status

Status bar for West Palm Beach


“I submit to you that Randy Skinner’s model, CityTransformation is going to be adopted nationwide. It’s going to be how we do things. But we’re also going to have to take pastors and city leaders and train them with a call to action.”

– Bishop Dr. Harry Jackson, Hope Christian Church, Baltimore, MD and  
Washington D.C.

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