Become a Kansas City Transformation Architect

A coalition dreaming for economic development in a historically racially divided community.

Kansas City steam boat illustration.

Our Story

In 2022, was invited by Kansas City business leaders to tackle the blight and crime in the historic Troost Street in the heart of their city.

In a partnership with non-profits, local commercial and residential developers, and concerned citizens, a focused urban revitalization study has been planned to remedy decades of injustice and economic devastation.  This new grass roots campaign hopes to  partner with interested organizations in transforming Kansas City high crime communities.

Transformation Results


Affordable Homes
Built by 2024


Mile long
Impact Location



Impact Location

Map of target area for Kansas City.

“Pastor Henry Hopkins of the First Congregational Church had a vision for what Kansas City could become. He preached a series of sermons called City Beautiful. Businessman August R. Meyer was so inspired he developed an interlocking system of parks and boulevards that changed Kansas City’s future.”

– The City Beautiful Movement in Kansas City, 1880

Transformation Status

Status bar for Kansas City.


“I submit to you that Randy Skinner’s model, CityTransformation is going to be adopted nationwide. It’s going to be how we do things. But we’re also going to have to take pastors and city leaders and train them with a call to action.”

– Bishop Dr. Harry Jackson, Hope Christian Church, Baltimore, MD and Washington D.C.

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