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A community fighting for environmental and economic Justice that has become a national model for urban revitalization.

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Our Story

In 2003, began the urban revitalization of the 11th poorest zip code in America. Located in the City of Dallas, Texas it was the most violent zip code for over a century. The process entailed the buy-out of over 400 drug houses, and introducing affordable housing, workforce job training, and crime eradication. Today, over $4Billion in economic development without gentrification has occurred in the 13 communities of 5,000 homes with a population of 27,000 citizens.

Transformation Results




Funneled in to Buy
Slum Properties


Drug and Slum
Properties Acquired


New Homes


Homeless Citizens Placed in Supportive Housing


Overall Crime

Impact Location

Map of target area for West Dallas.

“Fighting the blight of hunger, injustice, and poverty in our inner cities requires constant struggle. In this battle, comes Randy Skinner who takes a unique approach with a personal commitment, heartfelt empathy, tireless work ethic and strategic thinking. His city transformation model fills me and others with hope, belief and excitement this battle can and is being won.”

– Tony Bartel, National Business Leader - Former GameStop Corporation CEO

Transformation Status

Status Bar for West Dallas


“I have worked closely with Randy Skinner and regard him as one of the true leaders in our community. He has an incredible heart for Jesus and is truly producing demonstrable results in transforming West Dallas. His city wide movement to end hunger and homelessness are admirable examples of servant leadership and to his commitment to change our community and individual lives. I had the wisdom to appoint him to chair the City Ethics Commission and his leadership and perseverance in that position have made a difference in our city’s government.”

–  Tom Leppert, Former Dallas Mayor and former CEO of Turner Construction

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